Unlock Your Inheritance Vol.2: Preparing for Fresh Fire (hard copy book)


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In this Appointed Time you will UNLOCK:

• A discovery of what God is speaking to you through numbers biblically
• The journey of the steps of Jesus after His Resurrection
• An increase of healing, refreshment, renewal and realignment
• Another level of fellowship and intimacy with the Lord
• A Positioning of yourself for a fresh encounter with the Holy Spirit and fire
• A new season of empowerment and partnership with heaven to do the works of God on the earth

It is difficult to imagine a more overlooked or undervalued aspect of walking with God, than aligning ourselves with His timing so that we can receive His blessings when He wants to give them to us. Being in the right place at the right time is always essential to gaining favor with God! In Unlock Your Inheritance Vol. 2, Preparing For Fresh Fire Susan Cheatham has written a wonderful preparation guide for those who hunger after a more intimate and powerful life in the Holy Spirit. If you want to move on to greater maturity in Christ, I recommend you use this book as a springboard for the breakthroughs you are seeking from God.

Joan Hunter
Author/Healing Evangelist
Host Miracles Happen! Tv show

Susan Cheatham takes you on a devotional journey of revelation into the prophetic meaning of Biblical feasts, numbers, scriptures and typology. Her desire is to help you ascend, day by day, into higher and higher realms of understanding who Jesus is and what He has made available to you through His complete victory and total love.

Robert Hotchkin
Men on the Frontlines / Robert Hotchkin Ministries

Susan Cheatham’s new book, Unlock Your Inheritance, Preparing for Fresh Fire is revelatory!
She takes you on a 50-day journey to discover the richness between Passover and Pentecost.
Each day is filled with hidden treasures inviting you into deeper intimacy with Christ. I loved it!

Cindy Stewart, Author, Speaker, Executive Coach

Susan Cheatham is a true worshipper and woman of God. Her heart and passion for intimate relationship with the Savior are woven all through her life and her writing. As you journey through the next 50 days with her your heart will soar as she takes you side-by-side on a journey closer to the heart of God.

Pastor Ruth Hendrickson
Founder of Ruth Hendrickson Ministries
President/CEO – Touched by Jesus Ministry, Inc.

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