Unlock Your Inheritance Vol 1: A Call to the Beloved (hard copy book)


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Unlock Your Inheritance, A Call to the Beloved is a divine appointment with the Lord.

We have been legally adopted into the family of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob through the blood that Jesus shed on the cross, and every single provision of our family is available to us right now. It is our portion and legal right to inherit it.

Every year during the Hebrew month of Elul on the biblical calendar, the Jews blow the shofar for forty days to prepare their hearts to enter into the Fall Feast Season and Hebraic New year.

This 40-day devotion is key to bringing transformation to our hearts and positioning us to enter into our new season of blessings. Every day for forty days, you will make decrees and blow the awakening sound of the shofar over your life, your family, your finances and all your possessions.

Get ready for a radical mind and atmosphere shift on your journey of discovery!



I adore Susan Cheatham! She is an anointed worshipper, a devout believer, and an amazing mentor! She is rock solid, full of love, and is passionate to see believers grow into the fullness of all God has for them. As her apostolic covering, I highly recommend Susan Cheatham as a teacher, minister, coach, and trusted leader. I am excited about her new devotion, Unlock Your Inheritance, A Call To the Beloved.

Dr. Patricia King Founder of Women in Ministry Network, Patricia King Ministries, Author, Television Host, Minister

Susan has built this devotional with amazing biblical treasures that will give you revelation on how to unlock your inheritance. I’m so proud of her, and so excited for you, as you embark on this 40-Day Journey, where you’re sure to be transformed and step into the fullness of your Kingdom Inheritance. If you or someone you know are ready for real, lasting change and a supernatural shift, this powerful resource is a must-have!

Katie Souza, Founder of Expected End Ministries, Author, Evangelist, Television Host, Minister

Over the ages, our enemy, the devil, has striven to veil our eyes to some of the things of God. We get excited as we prepare for Thanksgiving or Christmas, but there are things in God’s timetable that many are not aware of. Therefore, we miss out on the excitement of preparation that we love and are veiled to some of the blessings meant for us. God laid out a cycle of blessings that always directs us into His paths. Susan is well-versed in these revelations and in this devotion. She peels back the veil and enables us to tap into that cycle of blessings once again. I recommend this 40-Day Devotion and trust it will unlock new things for you.

John Dickson, Worship Leader, Glory of Zion Ministries

Susan Cheatham is knowledgeable and extremely passionate about the importance of the Hebraic calendar. Just because we no longer follow the Hebraic calendar does not mean it is irrelevant to our lives as Christ followers. This devotional is a great way to learn how we can apply in-depth biblical truths to our daily lives. Each day, there is a short teaching that is backed up with Scripture and ends with a set of daily decrees. Prepare to see the Scriptures in a whole new light and for an abundance of blessings to pour down as you begin this historically rich and incredible journey.

Barbara Rucci Double Portions Ministries

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