Week 1 Declarations for Hebrew Year 5779

1. As I blow the shofar I will awaken and hear the call of my beloved.
2. I will arise and connect with God and be filled with zeal for Him and for His house.
3. I will arise and repent of those areas in my life that God shows me and receive His mercy and forgiveness.
4. I am going to a new level of intimacy with my Father
5. I declare on earth as it is in heaven, an open heaven over my life and in the lives of my family.
6. As I blow the shofar God remembers me and my enemies will flee!
7. The Lord is my Revelation Light to guide me along the way; He is the source of my salvation to defend me every day!
8. I am being aligned and positioned for blessings in the Hebraic New Year!
Read Ps 27 out of Passion Translation Bible