Week 2 Declarations for Hebrew Year 5779

1. I will not quit or give up because I have full access to the King through the blood of Jesus and ALL He has!
2. I fear no one! I will never turn back and run for the Lord surrounds and protects me.
3. When the evil one comes to destroy me they will be the ones who turn back!
4. I will seek the Lord while He may be found and I will call upon Him while He is near.
5. The KING comes into my field, my life with salvation, deliverance, healing, abundance, bounty, His fullness and His glory.
6. As I blow the shofar, the sound will awaken me to arise to my beloved.

7. I blow the shofar over my family, my business, my job, my home, my bank accounts, my ministry. That sound will bring breakthrough!