Joan HunterAuthor/Evangelist
Susan Cheatham is an anointed worship leader and the gifted TV host of her own show “Arise with Susan. She loves God with all her heart and delights in bringing others into intimate communion with Him. I love her warm personality and the joyous way she lives. I recommend her ministry to everyone who is seeking God.
Katie SouzaExpected End Ministries
"When I want to see miracles, I know that if I have Susan Cheatham up on stage with me, she knows how to cultivate an atmosphere for high-level, notable miracles. She also knows how to flow with me while I administrate miracles through the Holy Spirit. She’s become the wind beneath my wings. I may be the head of the spear but Susan is the one throwing it. She has become one of our ministry’s biggest blessings."
Double Portions Ministry
"Susan Cheatham is the most dynamic anointed worship leader! Her voice carries breakthrough that shifts the realms that create an open access to the throne of God. We have witnessed many healing and salvations through her ministry."
Kevin & Kathi Zadai
"Susan Cheatham is a wonderful woman of God with a beautiful pure heart. Her music and ministry flow to of her love for the Lord and His people. We are honored to know Susan and have her in our lives!"

Susan Cheatham Ministries

Stirring hearts through worship and infilling lives through the truth of God’s Word!

Decree into the New Hebrew Year 5779!

The new Hebrew year of 5779 is full of expectation and blessings. We must take an active part in opening our mouth and decreeing the Word!

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Release The Angels

New music, recorded live by Susan and her band. As you worship, you will be surrounded with God’s fire and glory. Dunamis power; the resurrection power of King Jesus will flood your soul and create and atmosphere for true healing. Expect the impossible as angels are released on your behalf.

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‘Arise with Susan’

SCM’s hit ministry show ‘Arise with Susan’. Each week a different ministry, business, or person is showcased along with the impact they make inside of the Kingdom. You can watch the show on our YouTube channel, XP Media,, and Facebook.


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