Week 4 Declarations for Hebrew Year 5779

1. My heart is fixed on the lord. I draw close to His heart and walk in his ways.
2. My faith in him grows and my adoration on Him deepens this day.
3. I fully devote my heart and life to God. All that I am and all that I do are unto Him and for His glory. I worship Him in spirit and in truth.
4. I love the Lord my God with all my heart, mind and strength, and acknowledge His love as the covering over my life. I commit myself to Him and to His love this day body, soul and spirit.
5. The Lord is my strength and my shield. He is my righteousness, my sanctification, wisdom and redemption. I am fully devoted to Him and yield myself completely to Him. I worship him with a grateful heart.
6. Here’s one thing that I crave from God, the one thing that I seek above all else, I want the privilege of living with Him every moment in His house.
7. I am my beloved and my beloved is mine